The REACH Impact Grant is a small grant program of the Real Estate Alliance for Charity. It is designed for quick response to needs and opportunities in our community. Grants of up to $5,000 may be made for eligible projects and activities.

Focus Areas (not limited to the following so long as the emphasis is on helping children)
Early Childhood Education to enhance school readiness for pre-school aged children
Youth Development to achieve healthy social and academic development of school-aged youth.
Workforce and Employment Training to help position and prepare individuals for better futures.
Community Revitalization to increase the vitality of struggling neighborhoods or communities.
Pressing/Emerging Needs to respond to emergency needs resulting from economically challenging times.

Eligibility Requirements (must meet all requirements)
Meets one or more of the funding focus areas outlined above.
One-time activity or project.
Will result in some type of community benefit/charitable purpose.

Ineligible project/activity
Event sponsorships.
Organization applicant is not a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, or is a 509(a) (3) supporting organization.
Supports a political cause, candidate or legislative lobbying effort.

Application Process (REACH High Impact_Application)

  1. A one-page application is invited by REACH and submitted to the Board by a REACH Board member.
  2. Proposals are reviewed monthly by the nominating committee for fit with our guidelines.
  3. Proposals meeting eligibility requirements are evaluated and may be approved for funding until Opportunity Fund dollars are exhausted. Proposals not meeting eligibility guidelines are declined.
  4. Decisions are communicated to applicant organizations and their contacts on a monthly basis.